• Modest HP
  • Medium HP
  • High HP
  • Highest HP

= H.F.H Agent (+1 point for your state)
= Special Forces (+3 points for your state)
= ELITE Squad (+5 points for your state)

Become an H.F.H Agent and get on the map! When you become a Hero, you'll be added to the map with an ID Badge image, name of choice and location. Your image can link back to your steam profile page as well. Your agent position will determine the amount of "hero points" (HP) earned for your state or country.

The darkest green shows the states where our heroes and sponsors have the most collective points, the lightest shows the fewest points and the states without green do not have any sponsors yet.

How to Become a Hero: You can become a hero when you purchase an "ELITE Sponsorship" package for either the RPG or Online game. Sponsors help support our game development and a portion of sponsorship goes to support the "Be Hate Free.org" foundation.

How to Claim Your Badge: To claim your badge, simply use our contact form and include your DLC CD Key, the letter of a badge option (below), the name you would like to use, your location, and let us know if you would like us to link to your steam profile.

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